Paper Clay Art

Still seeking balance in my life.  I can't seem to make art and market art all at the same time.  Instead, it seems to go in waves.  Make art and forget all about marketing.  Then, "wake up" and realize that I've totally forgotten to do any marketing.  I listen to podcasts that suggest ways for artists to market work, but listening seems to be as far as I get!  

Today, in a short time between meetings and appointments, I thought I would do a bit of marketing.  

About a month ago, a new gallery opened in Banner Elk, NC.  And I'm happy to say that I'm one of the artists showing work in the gallery.  It's called the BE Artists Gallery and is located in the Cultural Arts Center of the Historic Banner Elk School.   If you ever find yourself in Banner Elk, the gallery is definitely worth a stop.

Happy news!!  My paper clay pieces are selling quite well, to my delight. The BE Artists Gallery sold the two pieces I had there and I just took them two more.  You can see one of them below....

Nest II - 6" x 8"
oil and paper clay on cradled board

If you haven't read about this new medium I'm working in, you can check out my blogpost... 

As I type this, Houston is getting hammered by the remnants of Hurricane Harvey.   I have family there.   Thankfully, they are safe and dry.  Having lived through several hurricanes in Key West, my heart goes out to everyone in the path of Harvey.  

Thanks for reading!!