Sneak preview......

For the past several months I've been working with a new medium that I'm very excited about.  Until now, I've been keeping it a secret, but I think it's time to let the news out. 

Have you heard about paper clay?  It is a clay that does not need to be fired or baked.  It dries in about 24 hours when exposed to the air.  The clay I use is Creative Paperclay®.  It’s made with paper pulp, pumice and binders.  It can be shaped while moist and sanded when dry.  While still moist, it will adhere to wood, canvas and most surfaces without glue.  When it is dry, it can be painted just like painting on wood or paper. 

My process begins with two or three coats of acrylic gesso to prep my canvas (or board).  Once that gesso is dry, I’m ready to roll out the clay.  It’s just like rolling out pie dough.  I like the thickness to be less than 1/4 inch.  Using a craft knife, I cut shapes from the clay and place them on my board.  Then the clay is molded and texture added.  Once the clay is dry (I let it dry overnight), I apply two coats of gesso. This is to keep the paint from soaking into the clay.  I want to be able to wipe paint off without the paint staining the clay.  My first layer of paint is a dark layer. When I wipe that off, dark paint will remain in all the textured areas of the clay.   At this point, I may decide to leave it as is, or I may continue painting until the entire surface has been painted with color.  It’s a fun process that I’m having a great time exploring!   
In February, I submitted several pieces to the Toe River Arts Council with hopes of being accepted into their gift shops.  This new art (my oils are already exhibited there) was accepted (WooHoo!!!) and will be on display in the New Gift Shop Artists Exhibit in the Burnsville, NC, gallery from April 8th through May 7th.  After than, it will be available in both the Burnsville gift shop and the Spruce Pine gift shop.

By now you may be wondering what this new art looks like - so here is a "sneak preview".....

Carolina Wren with Nest
oil and paper clay on wood

I've been creating these on cradled wood boards, which have a 1/2" border that has been painted, too.  There is no need for a frame.  

If you'd like to see more of this work, I'll be posting all of them on my website on April 8th.  Be sure to take a look!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.