Guilty of blog neglect again.  Sometimes I can blame it on spending all my time painting. But then, there are times that I'm not painting, so there isn't anything new to post.  So.... this may just be what it is.  An "occasional blog".  

We've been without a cat in our house for several years now and I'm finding myself longing to be owned by a cat again.  The fact that we have a terrier that will chase and try to kill any small moving thing keeps me from full-filling that desire.  What does a painter do when she longs for the company of a cat?  She paints cats.  And kittens.  

Blue Eyes
5" x 5", oil on canvas
This one is painted on one of those cute little 5" x 5" canvases I like so much. The canvases are over 1" deep, so I can paint on the sides and carry the image around the corners.  That depth also allows for the painting to sit on a shelf as well as hang on a wall.  This painting is destined for the Toe River Arts Council's gallery in Burnsville, NC, once the paint is dry.  Perhaps sometime next week. If you are in the area, you can go visit "Blue Eyes" in person.  She's looking for a good home.  One without a terrier.  <grin>

Thanks for stopping by.