Bubba - finally finished!!!

Between painting all the mice and the Christmas Pony, this painting of Bubba has been pushed to the side waiting to be finished.  He's almost done - a second coat of paint along the edges are all that's required and he'll be ready to hang on the wall.  Now, finding the time to do that may be another issue!  

But... here he is.  I'm very very fond of this painting.  I love his eyes and all his wrinkles.  This was started with a layer of red paint on the entire board. I've let lots of that background show through behind Bubba.  It seems to dance without being distracting and provides a nice contrast with the solidity of Bubba.  

Bubba - oil on cradled board - 6" x 8"    $190

Bubba is one of the dogs at Fifi's Friends - where I found my dog, Maggie. Although the majority of the dogs at Fifi's are hounds, Bubba - a bulldog -  found his way into Pam's heart.  Bubba needs a home as the only dog - or maybe one other dog - and with people who understand the power of positive behavior reinforcement. Pam says that bulldogs need lots of rules and boundaries.  If you think you might be Bubba's forever person, you can contact Pam through Fifi's Friends' Facebook page...https://www.facebook.com/gonetothedogs23/?fref=ts  or through the Petfinder page... http://awos.petfinder.com/shelters/NC568.html 

As with all my paintings of the dogs from Fifi's Friends, 25% of the sale of this painting will go to Fifi's Friends.  If you'd like to bring this "version" of Bubba into your home, just click here.

Thanks for stopping by..... I hope you are enjoying this busy holiday season.