Bubba - work in progress

Shoot, another whole week slipped by without a blog post.  Having read time and time again how blog posts should be written frequently and with regularity, I'm overly conscious of how my blog is just the opposite.  More like sudden bursts of energy followed by long periods of retreat.  My intention is always to write more often, perhaps once or twice a week.  But then....  well.... who knows?  Time slips away and the words don't come.

Meanwhile, though, I've been busy in the studio.  I remembered to take photos as I was working and thought I'd share them with you.  This is Bubba.  He is one of the dogs at Laughing Dog Farm, a no-kill rescue in Bakersville, NC.  The same rescue where I found my dog, Maggie (my "Lassie in a hound dog suit").  Pam, the Wonder-Woman behind Laughing Dog Farm, takes some great photos of her dogs and I'm often compelled to paint from them.

I started with what is called a "cradled board" - 6" x 8".  It's a wooden board that is supported on the back with a "frame" of more wood.  I really like the solid feel of these boards and the thicker sides allow me to continue the painting around the edges.  I toned the board with a mix of reds - one warmer and one cooler (one more orange and one more blue - for you artists: cad red light and cad medium).  You'll notice a big difference from photo to photo in the photos below in that background color.  I took these with my phone camera and as the light in the studio changes, so do my photos!  

Bubba - work in progress....  

If all goes as planned, Bubba will be finished next week and I'll get the finished painting up here for you to see.  

Meanwhile.... I've been busy adding Baseboard Mice to the collection - and working on a piece for an upcoming show, "A Pony For the Holidays".  Always something "fun" going on in my studio!!

Thanks for stopping by.....

susan  (an occasional blogger)