Trevor - and some good news!

Golden Retrievers have been a presence in my life recently. It started, I think, with reading Racing in the Rain, which features a Golden. Then, I read a Dean Koontz book with several Golden Retrievers in it. My daughter recently adopted a Golden from a rescue. And now, I'm traveling and there is a resident Golden where I am staying. His name is Trevor and he truly has the "smile" I've read about. This "painting" is of him. Note the quotes around the word painting. I created this with a photo I took of Trevor and some Photoshop magic. Not all people consider art created on a computer to be true paintings. I think that art can be created with whatever tools you have access to. In addition to painting with oils and paint brushes, I enjoy working with Photoshop and digital brushes and filters. Since I'm not in the studio this week or next, I'll be posting digital paintings. Once I get back to my studio, you can be sure you'll see a painting of this lovely boy before too long.

And now the good news... my painting, "Charlottesville Hound" was awarded Third Place in the People's Choice Award in the Helping Paws Exhibit sponsored by the Canine Art Guild. Thank you to everyone who voted for my painting. A cash award of $50 will go to the Yancey County Humane Society. You can still see the exhibit if you missed it by clicking here. There are many fabulous paintings in the exhibit.

Thanks for stopping by....